Alaska National Insurance Company’s average rate decreases by -0.60% — effective 9/1/2022

Alaska National Insurance Company has filed with the California Department of Insurance to revise its base rates for workers’ compensation policies effective September 1, 2022.  This change has a direct effect on the price policyholders pay for coverage.


How will this affect pricing?

Consider how the average rate* effective for September 1, 2022 for this issuing company is changing compared to the prior policy period:


 Issuing Company

Average Rate

Average Rate

% Change

Alaska National Insurance Company





*Average rate calculation does not include per capita or per race rates (7707 – Firefighters – volunteers, 7722 – Police, Sheriffs – volunteers, or 8278 – Jockeys).


Will policyholders pay less if the average rate decreases?

It is important to keep in mind that not all rates will change uniformly. Rates for some policyholders could go up and some could go down. To make a fully informed buying decision, you will need to know exactly how pricing will change for your specific policy.


For example, the table below shows how some of Alaska National Insurance Company’s individual rates are changing compared to the prior policy period:


 Class - Description

Advisory Rate

Advisory Rate

% Change

9079 - Restaurants/Taverns




9043 - Hospitals




96 - Nut Hulling/Shelling/Process





What should I do with this information?

If you are an employer or insurance buyer, ask your agent or broker for a pre-quote estimate that illustrates how these changes will affect your budget.  If your rates are going down, you could save money.  If they are increasing, you will need to plan accordingly.


If you are an insurance professional (agent, broker or underwriter), share this information with your clients and offer to provide pricing insight. Understanding exactly how these changes affect pricing could impact how you market your renewals.


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