Submit Now - How does Wholesale Division Work?

Too much research can ruin your profit.

So, how do you guide your client to the best buying decision possible if your go-to underwriters all decline the submission? is horsepower for your marketing efforts. makes it super easy to pinpoint new underwriters willing to help. We do all the research and busywork for you so you don’t have to.

All you do is run a quick pre-quote estimate for your client and will:

Now you have everything you need to engage the underwriters interested in reviewing your submission. That means a happy client and a healthy profit.

How do I know which underwriters are interested?

We designed to help you quickly see how much your buyer will pay for coverage and which markets have an interest in reviewing your account.

The Gold Star icons will help you know when your account is eligible for a quick quote or review by an underwriter. Once an underwriter reviews the submission, they will be able to tell you if it qualifies for a quote.

How does work? acts like an account manager for you. That means we can forward your submission onto underwriting organizations (wholesalers, MGUs, PEOs, etc.) that are interested in reviewing your account. We do all the research and busywork to pre-qualify your submission then refer you to the underwriters so you can work directly together.

So, run an estimate to see if your risk qualifies for review. If it does, simply click the Submit Now button and complete the one-page form to transmit your application.

What commission is paid?

Brokers typically receive 9 to 10% commission on standard accounts and 5%-9% commission on specialty accounts. The underwriters will be able to specify commission available for you on each case.

How much does this marketing service cost?’s marketing service is available only as part of a paid Business Subscription. There is no additional cost for this service. Marketing Services Recap

  1. Run estimate to analyze price and pre-qualify your account for review by underwriters.

  2. Plan your marketing strategy by identifying the underwriters in your network as well as the ones can refer you to marked with the Gold Star.

  3. Send your submissions to the underwriters in your network and to by clicking Submit Now. We act like your account manager and can forward your applications onto the underwriters we know that are interested in reviewing that specific kind of account.

  4. Begin working directly with the new underwriter.

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