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At, our job is to do the research and busywork you don’t have time to do. We put market intelligence – like pricing trends and ExMod data – at your fingertips.  That means in seconds you can gather all the information you need to help your client make the best buying decision possible.


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An employer’s experience modification is a crucial part of every workers’ compensation insurance transaction in California.  It impacts how much a policyholder will pay for coverage and which underwriters will review the submission.


To Get and ExMod on, follow these steps:


1.     Log in.

2.     Click

3.     Search by name, class, ExMod range, location.  Any way you want.


There is no cost to Get an ExMod on  However, you must be a registered user.  Register for free here.


What makes Get an ExMod on different?


1.    Easy to Understand ExMod Reports


In one quick look, an ExMod report from gives you all the vital information you need about an employer.  It is simple to verify ExMod data for each client and every prospect.

Source data provided by WCIRB. This information is confidential and shall be used for no purpose other than the transaction of workers' compensation insurance by an insurer, agent or broker.


2.    Search any way you want


Search by name or bureau number to find your client’s ExMod history.  But what if you don’t know the employer’s name?


Finding reports for prospects is simple, too. is the only service that allows you to search by factors in addition to employer name and bureau number.  Below is a search by governing class and a specific ExMod range.


3.    Works on smartphone or tablet


All our services are fully functional on mobile platforms. That means you can take with you when you visit clients.   Review their ExMod history and discuss strategy all on your smartphone. Why not walk across the street and introduce yourself to that prospect you’ve been eyeing?


4.    Use it to find prospects


We built to be the easiest way to Get an ExMod with features like… easy to read… mobile ready… and, search for factors beyond employer name.


We also designed it with prospecting in mind.  Other features include:

  • Embedded maps – With a click you can plan your day in the field.
  • Links to more info – Want more information about the prospect? Simply click the employer name to perform a quick Google search.


How much does it cost to Get an ExMod?


It is totally free.


If you want to call every plumber in California, can help you find each one, figure out how much coverage will cost and which underwriters will review.


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