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What is is a massive online comparative rater for over 70 California admitted work comp carriers. Adding to your sales and marketing process makes it faster to:

  • Access risk specific market intelligence online from your office or while in the field
  • Illustrate the pricing and market evidence your buyers need to make informed decisions
  • Generate rich pre-quote estimates and organize 70+ CA admitted work comp carriers by filed premium ranges
  • Build roadmaps to qualified insurers that streamline your marketing strategy and improve your speed to market
  • Find dozens of carriers interested in your risks and submit applications directly to them through helps insurance professionals get more done and keep costs down because we simplify how they gather and illustrate the information buyers need to make informed decisions.

What's the cost to subscribe to can help you sell better and market smarter. Subscribing is like having an extra Full-Time-Work-Comp-Marketing-Expert on staff for only $75 a month.

650+ insurance professionals subscribe to our services because having fast access to market intelligence throughout the sales and marketing process helps them stay engaged in the sale and improve their transactional efficiency.

There is no cost to register and access’s basic pre-quote estimate information. However, business subscribers have access to content and services not available to basic subscribers.

Business Subscriptions start at $75 per month and allow you and your company to access:

  • Unlimited estimates per month
  • Pricing estimate data for dozens of California admitted carriers
  • Class code sensitivity data for a selection of the featured carriers
  • Market information and useful links
  • Multiple user access through one business account
  • Ability to save your estimate tables

Basic Subscriptions are free. As a basic subscriber, you will have access to:

  • Unlimited estimates per month
  • Limited pre-quote estimate data listing up to 5 California admitted carriers
  • Single user access

Click here for more information on subscription terms.

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How does work?
How is the premium calculated?

The CA Department of Insurance sets and publishes the pure premium base rates. Each insurance company wants to write coverage without going out of business, so they create a modifier for each class code.

Carrier’s Class Rate = Pure Premium Rate x Carrier Multiplier

Calculating premium is simple:

Payroll x Experience Modifier x Carrier Class Rate = Premium

Even though the math is simple the underwriting process is complex. An underwriter’s job is to evaluate a risk in order to put a dollar figure on it. If the risk looks good to them (good workers comp program, loss control, safety programs, involved broker, claims history, etc.) they will use a competitive judgment factor. Said another way…they will move the cost of coverage up or down depending on their judgment of the risk.

Premium x Underwriter’s Judgment Modifier = Adjusted Premium

This Underwriter’s Judgment Modifier will be a range (for example >0 to 25%). Anyone who understands how this works and knows where to go to get all the necessary published information can estimate workers comp premium fairly accurately. The truth is most businesses (and brokers, for that matter) don’t have the time to crunch all these numbers. Especially, since underwriters are better at it, and are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to premium.

This all circles back to We think knowing this information is important and will create efficiencies in the process. Brokers are better prepared to help their clients strategize for coverage. Consumers are better prepared for policy renewals.

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What information does provide to its subscribers?

  • Pre-quote estimates – Premium estimates from a wide selection of California-admitted carriers during the point-of-sale with a renewing client or new prospect
  • Market information – Useful information about the carrier or wholesaler such as contact information, financial rating, submission guidelines and appointment criteria
  • Class code sensitivity data – Target classifications and exclusions provided for a selection of the featured markets

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How should I use a pre-quote estimate?

Buyers, brokers and underwriters who work together during the workers’ compensation transaction use to improve productivity because its pre-quote estimate technology:

  • creates efficiencies in the sales process that do not already exist;
  • shortens the sales cycle and allows brokers to dedicate more time to managing risk;
  • enables brokers and buyers to anticipate changes in pricing and plan budget adjustments;
  • makes it fast and easy to estimate market pricing and pre-plan marketing strategy;
  • provides better transactional transparency and a more inclusive sales process;
  • allows carriers to underwrite for buyers who are pre-committed to a premium amount;
  • frees buyers to select brokers based on services and support independent of price;
  • builds pricing confidence.

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How does decide which insurance companies to include?

We try to pick a variety of carriers that give a general snapshot of the marketplace.

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What does do with the data I enter?

Please review our Privacy Policy.

Who are you?

Insurance Technologies Group, Inc. (ITG), is focused on creating and commercializing technology-based products and services designed to create efficiencies for the insurance industry. ITG’s mission is to develop and deliver technology innovation to the insurance marketplace in order to improve buying confidence and productivity. is our first service offering.

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I registered with, but can’t log on. Why?

After you register with, the system will send a confirmation email to the address you provided (Email subject is "WorkCompare Registration Confirmation"). The email contains a link to activate your account. You will not be able to login until you activate your account.

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I am not receiving system emails from Why?

Two possible reasons. First, you may not have given us your correct email address. Click here to check if we have your correct email address. If the system does not recognize your address, simply contact us and we’ll help you correct the information…(626) 578-9353 or

Second, if you use a spam filter, your system may be blocking our messages from reaching your inbox. Make sure your filter settings allow emails from the domain “”.

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